Hi, I’m Gary Barker the Creator of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan.

My mission is simple: If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer then let me help and support you in overcoming the emotional turmoil you are undoubtedly experiencing. Like so many of us, I've personally witnessed the emotional trauma Cancer has on individuals, families and friends.

What's my experience?

Before becoming involved in helping cancer sufferers, I started my working career as an electronics engineer. However, in 2004 I decided to head in a new direction and trained to become a hypnotherapist. As a qualified therapist practicing from a modern GP’s surgery, I’ve seen many different clients with many different issues, from people wanting to lose weight weight, smoking cessation, anxiety, fear and phobia relief. However, due to my working environment I started working more directly with cancer patients, and more precisely helping them comes to terms with the emotional strain of their cancer journey.

Here’s what this has taught me

No one ever knows what’s really going on inside their body and no one ever wants to hear the words “I’m afraid it’s Cancer!” but people in general are a lot more resilient than they think, especially when they have hope, direction and a sense purpose and control.

Medicine has to be the first port of call following a cancer diagnosis and is superb at what it does, with new breakthroughs occurring all the time. However, I've discovered that without a sense of control and understanding, the cancer journey can be a very lonely, scary and isolating place to be.

So this is my thing... This is what gives me an immense amount of satisfaction. Helping to give cancer sufferers, understanding, awareness, direction and hope. It's also my personal belief that lowering stress levels actually increases the body’s ability to fight disease... This approach to cancer care just makes complete sense to me and I’m hoping it will to you as well!

I’ve helped clients at every stage of their cancer journey: I've worked with clients who’ve just been newly diagnosed and felt like the bottoms just dropped out of their world.

I've helped clients offload their emotional baggage, so they are then free to actively participate in their cancer journey (So important).

I’ve helped sufferers face their medical treatment, in particular chemotherapy with openness and delight.

I've helped loved ones offload their own emotions, so they can positively interact and assist the person in their life who's been diagnosed.

And at the other end of the scale, I’ve helped those who have come to the end of the road, to face the time they have left with acceptance and dignity. Put it this way... I KNOW MY STUFF.

So why do I believe in The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan and Why Do I Want You To Believe In It To.

Well, it’s as simple as this; If I had cancer I’d want to get positive, get focused and fight. Cancer can be such a scary, taboo, emotive subject in our society, but I wouldn't want to brush it under the carpet. I’d want to grab the "bull by the horns" and build my winning team. That team would include my doctor, consultant, medical staff, friends and family, but most importantly it would include a focused, kick ass mind-set enhanced by positive lifestyle choices that would maximise my chances of recovery... and this is what The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan will help others to do.

For me this kind of program is the vital ingredient that’s often neglected in today’s cancer care system, I don’t know about you, but I would want to grab any and every advantage I could if I found myself or a loved one diagnosed with Cancer. No one really ever knows what’s going on in their body, but if the wheels were to fall off my wagon, it’s knowing that I’m making the best of all my options...

So The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is the culmination of all my experience in helping cancer sufferers and their loved ones to come to terms with and then fight the good fight against cancer. I’m very proud of this program, having spent an awful lot of time developing and honing it, so it gives the best possible assistance it can to the people that need it most.

So, is this program for you?

If you feel this program sounds like something that could fit into your support network and would help you to cope better, then please have a good look around the site. You'll find there’s loads of information that can help.

You could also visit the blog, or download the free 28 page Cancer Survivors Guide that explains the principles invested in this program, or you may instead feel this is something you wish to start working with right now or to buy for a loved one with cancer, either way...

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit is there to make that cancer journey as positive as possible.

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