3 easy ways to simplify your view of cancer

Simplify your view of cancer with these 3 easy tips

So you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with cancer and you understandably have an overwhelming fear about what the future holds. However, I want you to know that how you feel about “Cancer” and what cancer actually is can be two completely different things.

So in this first of the cancer survivors toolkit and care plans blog posts I’m going to give you 3 different ways to view your cancer that will hopefully change your view of cancer and help you to come to terms more quickly with what’s actually going on in your body at the moment.

This blog will show you that your perception of Cancer or what’s going on your body is much different to how you actually perceive it to be. What we want to do here is to smash the scaremongering conditioning we all received that cancer is a death sentence… If you have any doubts about how powerful this is recent figures suggest half of those diagnosed with cancer make a full recovery, so the question is how would you like to view your cancer, as a killer or as something you can combat? So number 1…

1) Cancer the terrorist: An analogy that seems very fitting in this day and age is to view cancer cells as “terrorists”, terrorists that are trying to invade the host, to get a hold, to start some trouble. It’s up to every individual sufferer how much respect they are prepared to give these terrorists, and to remember that unlike our veracious immune system, these terrorists aren’t a trained, organised military unit. They are unruly, militant cells, there are some egos in there, they are disorganised and weak and ultimately they need to be quashed.

Terrorists may have had a high profile success with 9/11 and caused major disruption, but ultimately, those terrorists were quashed by a healthy, motivated, organised military force! We need to view cancer in much the same way.

2) What’s the dictionary view of Cancer? If we look cancer up in the dictionary it gives it a very general description;

Cancer ~ disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body:

That’s it, that’s all cancer gets in the dictionary, doesn’t sound half as daunting as our conditioning and imaginations would make it out to be does it? I want you to appreciate what this condition actually is and that you can really take part in your cancer journey and that by adopting a three pronged attack like the one offered in the cancer survivors tool kit and care plan you can combine not only medicine, but also your mind set and lifestyle to help lower your stress levels, improve the performance of your immune system and help you welcome your medical treatment by building understanding, focus and positivity.

3) Did you know? Cancer cells are actually a lot less robust than normal healthy cells, these rogue cells these terrorists are no match for a healthy strong immune system and only become a problem when they are allowed to multiply unchecked. This is why Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer, its designed to attack those weaker cancer cells, whilst not killing healthy normal cells, that said the cells in hair follicles, mouth and stomach lining can also be temporarily affected, but easily recover whereas the cancer cells do not. So I want you to visualise those week pathetic cancer cells, thinking they are winning, they are hiding and taking over… Well let me tell you now it’s your choice if you allow them to run riot or get stuck in and fight!

How does that all sound, I understand that our perception of cancer can be very over the top, however, if we change our perception it will make fighting this condition and managing it’s treatment so much more bearable.

For more tips/ more info or to find out more about how the cancer carers tool box and care plan can help just click here. Also I’d like your opinion so please comment away… after all we are all in this together…

The good news is that every aspect of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed to do just that, so if you wish to find out more, please visit the Positive Cancer Carer  website. Here you can read more blogs, opt into mailing list and download a complementary Cancer Survivors Guide and view the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Program and see if it’s something that could benefit you and yours…

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