Boost your body’s immune system to fight Cancer and recover faster!

Boost your immune system to fight Cancer with the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan

A healthy, active Immune System is an essential component when fighting disease. The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan will give you the tools you need to boost your immune system to fight cancer by lowering stress and promoting a  positive expectancy.

So now we know a bit more about cancer and its treatment, let’s now start digging a little deeper. Cancer cells, as we already know, are a common by product of our body’s normal regeneration and they are dealt with in a systematic way by the NK- cells (Natural Killer Cells) found in the white blood cells of our immune system.

An NK cell can be likened to a hungry piranha, an arcade game Pac-man or a SAS Soldier. Their function is to latch on to any rogue cells, viruses and bacteria, then multiply, overpower and destroy the threat. Meaning that our immune system is an extremely strong, aggressive, adaptable force!

This must then beg the question. If our immune systems are so powerful and these weak disorganized cancer cells are being produced and destroyed on a daily basis, how and why do some of us then develop potentially life-threatening illnesses such as cancer?

What changes to allow disease to take place? The simple answer is that our immune system weakens when stressed, and in some individuals where it may become sufficiently weakened enough, this weakness may causes cellular changes, which can go unnoticed, forming into a benign or malignant tumour, or a blood cancer. But…… let’s be clear here, there is no definitive cause for cancer to develop.


Old age has been considered a major factor, because as our body’s age, body function does degrade

Some cancer is known to be hereditary i.e. in the genes

Certain types of cancer may be due to pollution and contamination i.e. asbestosis or radiation

A sedentary, stressed or unhealthy life style will also have a major impact.


In fact, according to the latest figures from The World Health Organization 70% of all cancers are attributed to poor diet and lifestyle and are preventable. So having a tip-top immune system is vital if we are to remain healthy and evade illness.

Consider the fact that being diagnosed with cancer is an undeniably overwhelming emotional trauma and it becomes clear, that to boost your bodies immune system to fight Cancer and recover faster cancer sufferers need to find a way to vent and relieve that damaging stress and replace it instead with optimism and a “positive expectancy” at every stage of their cancer journey.

The good news is that every aspect of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed to do just that, so if you wish to Boost your bodies immune system to fight Cancer and recover faster, please visit the Positive Cancer Carer  website. Here you can read more blogs, opt into mailing list and download a complementary Cancer Survivors Guide and view the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Program and see if it’s something that could benefit you and yours…

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