Harness the power of the Cancer Survivors Lifestyle

Harness the power of the Cancer Survivors Lifestyle in the battle against Cancer

What is a Cancer Survivors Lifestyle and why is it so important? Well, we all know to be healthy; we should do regular exercise, eat healthily and get lots of rest. We all know that, but how many of us actually do that? How many of us actually make it an ongoing lifestyle choice?

Generally, we just go about our business day to day, until we feel we have to go on a diet, or join the gym because of an up and coming “event” we need to look good for or maybe we wake up one morning and realize we’ve let things slip a little too far!

The fact is the majority of us won’t make sustained changes in our lifestyle until we feel we really have to. The frustrating thing about this is, right from being little tots at school, we all learned that to be fit and healthy, we needed to exercise, to eat healthily and get plenty of rest. Do you think anything has really changed, or that that advice isn’t relevant anymore?

So let’s now apply this common sense logic to a cancer sufferer and ask them a simple question. Which of these two lifestyles do they feel would best complement a positive, kick ass mind set and build an active, healthy environment for their body to best beat cancer?

1) A sedentary, depressed lifestyle with a poor quality diet, or

2) A healthy active lifestyle that gives their body the best opportunity possible to promote health and well being?


When you buy The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan you’ll get a common sense lifestyle guide that’s designed to be integrated into the cancer sufferers life. Both the sufferer and the carer alike will benefit from this guide.
Unfortunately, diet and lifestyle for cancer sufferers isn’t an area that interests modern medicine too much. The majority of the medical professionals are blinkered by medical science and the medical advances of the big multi national drug companies.

Drugs companies spend billions every year developing new drugs, they spend billions on research and that research and development budget needs to be recouped through drug sales. The trouble is there’s no financial gain in spending millions on research studies that don’t end up selling drugs.

Spending millions to discover blueberries may help prevent breast cancer, isn’t going to benefit the drug companies. Drug companies want to sell drugs as simple as that, DRUGS are their business!

So, just because the medical world and drug companies don’t really push the Cancer Survivors Lifestyle is it something that should be ignored. Well, this is a judgment only you can make, but surely common sense needs to prevail…

As we all know (but to often tend to ignore), we are what we eat! And let’s not forget lifestyle changes don’t only benefit the body, they also benefit the mind and more importantly, restore our bodies immune system…. So it’s a win win scenario all round!

The good news is that every aspect of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed to do just that, so if you wish to find out more, please visit the Positive Cancer Carer  website. Here you can read more blogs, opt into mailing list and download a complementary Cancer Survivors Guide and view the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Program and see if it’s something that could benefit you and yours…

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