Building a Cancer Survivors Mindset!

A Cancer Survivors Mindset will reduce anxiety and maximize the effectiveness of your immune system.

Build a Cancer Survivors Mindset that is focused on health and survival. Every cancer sufferer has the choice of how they deal with their condition, but why play Russian Roulette with you health when The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan will help you to psychologically stack those cards in your favour!

We can all appreciate a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming event, leaving sufferer’s and carer’s feeling emotionally crushed, isolated, alone and scared. Fear is of course perfectly natural when we are threatened, whether that is fear of disease or any other significant “bolt out of the blue” we may experience.

However, long term fear, stress and negative emotions can stunt our immune systems efficiency and this in turn can have a negative long-term effect on our health and wellbeing. That is why establishing a positive mind-set is vitally important when it comes to fighting and overcoming disease. The Ethos of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan, is to allow cancer sufferers to realise, they don’t have to “drown in despair” following their diagnosis or subsequent treatment.

It has been shown that a person with a negative, broody, miserable outlook on life seems to encourage ill health or negative scenarios, but it has also been shown that a person with a positive mind-set, who focuses on positive events and positive outcome’s, can support and boost their immune system.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan, is designed to smash those negative thoughts and replace them with positivity, optimism and that all important Cancer Survivors Mindset and “Motivation to Mend”. How powerful is a positive mind-set? Well, just consider these examples:

You may have seen or heard about operations having been conducted without anaesthetic, with the patient using their will power or positivity to completely distract themselves.

Or the effect of a “Placebo”, where the patient believes they are receiving medicine and it relieves their symptoms, when in fact it may well be a sugar pill. Interestingly if a placebo is given in injection form the positive results increase significantly…. I’m sure you can start to appreciate the mind is a very powerful force when it’s focused on healing and wellbeing.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan, believes mind set plays a massive part in our belief and motivation to recover. Without that belief we are not fighting as well as we could be; in fact, we are being passive, hoping that others will rescue us; the doctors, the nurses, the consultants maybe even our God?

So, let’s not be passive in our fight against cancer! With the help of The Cancer Survivors Tool Kit and Care Plan, lets be defiant and positive, let’s build that cancer survivors mindset by focusing on ourselves and how best to support our immune system, which whilst doing battle with cancer cells on an almost daily basis, needs to be recharged with positivity and the suitable lifestyle changes, to enable health and recovery to be significantly improved.

The good news is that every aspect of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed to do just that, so if you wish to find out more, please visit the Positive Cancer Carer  website. Here you can read more blogs, opt into mailing list and download a complementary Cancer Survivors Guide and view the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Program and see if it’s something that could benefit you and yours…

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