Maximize the effectiveness of your Cancer Treatment.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is here to help cancer sufferers maximize the effectiveness of their medical treatment.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is here to encourage cancer patients to psychologically appreciate the powerful role they and their positive mind set will play during their cancer journey! The detection and medical treatment of cancer is the best it’s ever been and this has been reflected in the significant improvements seen in both the survival rate and early diagnosis of cancer patients over the last 40 years.

Without exception medicine should be viewed as every cancer sufferers first port of call, being without doubt the quickest and most successful method to efficiently remove or reduce the physical symptoms of cancer.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan will assist sufferers and their carers to view that medical treatment in a positive, accepting and open way that will maximize the effectiveness of your Cancer Treatment! A suitable analogy is to imagine the body as a meadow with a stream running through the middle, a healthy lush meadow, full of lush vegetation and animals. Now let’s suppose someone dumped a small amount of toxic waste into our meadow and then kept adding to it on a regular basis. What would happen to our meadow, to the vegetation and animals as time went on?

Well, the animals and plants would get sick wouldn’t they. Our meadow would become polluted and unhealthy, we can liken this example to a cancer that’s been formed though poor lifestyle.

So, if we were then tasked with restoring this meadow back to good health and subsequently maintaining that natural environment, what steps would we take?

Initially we would look to remove the main area of pollution as quickly as we could (let’s call that your medical treatment), but would that be enough? Probably not, therefore it would be a good idea to protect and maintain that clean environment by not adding any more toxins (healthier lifestyle) and thereafter treating the ecology of that meadow in a positive way (mind set). By doing that we’d feel we’d done enough to encourage recovery, health and well being…. and you know what, we should look at our own health in exactly the same way.

The sad fact is, that in the Western World medicine is viewed as all we need to overcome illness. So, without hesitation when we are ill, we surrender ourselves to medicine and hope our ailments will be cured, and if they aren’t we’ll try another medicine, until finally we get the result we want.

The fact is in the Western World we’ve turned our back on the mind/body connection, whereas in the East, they view healing as a three pronged attack, using medicine of course, but also mind-set and lifestyle choice. The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan, promotes the use of this three pronged attack and as such this program is full of common sense analogies that encourage every cancer patient to buy into their medical treatment in a positive, open way and to then maximize the effectiveness of their Cancer Treatment.

Just imagine how much more effectively our bodies will respond to medical intervention if rather than fearing it, we openly welcome it and psychologically “will it” in fighting those weak disorganised cancer cells….

The good news is that every aspect of the The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is designed to do just that, so if you wish to find out more, please visit the Positive Cancer Carer  website. Here you can read more blogs, opt into mailing list and download a complementary Cancer Survivors Guide and view the Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Program and see if it’s something that could benefit you and yours…

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