The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan - An alternative but complementary program designed to help relieve the emotional trauma of Cancer.

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is an alternative cancer program that totally complements the traditional medical treatment of cancer. After reading through this site, I'm hoping you will already be feeling far more optimistic about the future, whilst at the same time having a better understanding of the important part both loved ones and sufferers have to play in their battle against cancer. So what do you actually get with this program?

The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is an easy to use modular program designed to assist cancer sufferers and their loved ones in a positive and motivating way at every stage of the cancer journey. When you buy this product you will be issued with a username and password combination, allowing you instant access to all the information inside.

WELCOME: How to use this program.

From the Welcome page you can download the 80 page Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan Guide, which is the backbone of this program. This program is divided up into modules, but before we start with those the guide will help you to understand what cancer is, its treatments and how important mindset and Lifestyle are, these are the foundation stones before the actual modular program begins. This program is divided up in this manner so it's easy to locate the appropriate module for your particular circumstances or to return to a module again if needed.

MODULE 1: Accepting your diagnosis.

This module explains the importance of offloading the emotional trauma following diagnosis for both sufferer and loved ones alike, because cancer is such a bolt out of the blue the emotional toll is very high. This module contains the first audio a "relaxation audio" that will relieve stress and clear the way for Module 2.

MODULE 2: Taking Control.

This module is about building your strategy, appreciating how our mindsets work and why it's so important to build positivity. The old adage, "If you find yourself in a crocodile pit, it doesn't matter how you got there you better get out quick" is the ethos of Module 2. This Module includes a selection of informative YouTube Videos that reinforce the written text, plus Audio 2: Taking Control. There is also an addition Cancer Survivors Lifestyle guide.

MODULE 3: Positive Treatment.

Once your mind is engaged and focused, Module 3 will explain the massive influence psychology and positive visualization will have on your medical treatment. In this module there are 4 audio downloads. Three for the treatments themselves (Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy), plus a final Relieving Discomfort Audio as well as a selection of relevant YouTube videos.

MODULE 4: Policing and Surveillance.

Following "Positive Treatment" sufferers will be keen to continue with the good practices they've adopted using this program. Module 4 includes an additional two audio downloads one for sufferers who are now in "Remission" and the other for those who've received an "All Clear".

MODULE 5: Dealing with Set Backs.

Nothing in life is guaranteed! As such, setbacks can occur in any area of our lives. If setbacks do occur Module 5 urges sufferers to stay motivated and not lose perspective, but instead "Go back to the well one more time! "

In total there are 9 relaxing but motivating audio's, in either digital .mp3 format or CD. An 80 page Cancer Survivors Guide, plus a Cancer Survivors Lifestyle Guide and associated YouTube Videos.

Don't forget - The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan is there to assist both sufferers and loved ones alike by offering a common sense, back to basics strategy for dealing with the emotional trauma of cancer. So why not positively participate in what could be the biggest fight of your life by investing in The Cancer Survivors Toolkit and Care Plan today ?

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